Currently more people than ever before are working at least a few days a week from home. The impact on the amount you are moving day to day is significant. Gone is the commute to the station and walking around at work- instead we have the commute to another room in your home and a few steps into the kitchen for a cup of tea. This low activity level is a key factor in the development of neck and lower back problems, even more so if you have a poor desk set up.

Low activity level during the day at work?

“Not a problem!” you say, “With the improving weather and longer days, I’m going to start running and possibly re-join the gym.”

Not so fast! Have you limbered up first? 8 hours a day sat in a chair, your body isn’t ready to start jogging or going to the gym just like that! The front of the shoulders and the front of the hips are key tension areas to target to help you get moving after long hours of sitting.

Running sounds fun, the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair… however if you are slopping around in slippers at home all day, slipping into your running shoes and heading out the door could cause knee and ankle problems, not to mention plantar fasciitis. Supportive shoes around the house will make it easier for you to get out running. If you haven’t been spending much time in trainers lately, start wearing them round the house for a few hours at a time before going out for a run.