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Poor posture can be the classic dropping the shoulders and sticking the head forward. Poor posture can also be over-arching the low back, holding one shoulder higher than the other or building muscle unevenly giving an uneven posture. In sports when there are high demands your body, you need to be operating with high efficiency. Poor posture can have a big impact on your overall efficiency and performance.


What is happening?

If you are failing to use your joints and muscles to their maximum efficiency so that movement requires minimum effort, you may be feeling muscle fatigue, aching and burning. If your joints and muscles are working slightly outside their most efficient position, this is likely to occur gradually and over a prolonged period of time causing repetitive stress on joints. This could lead to a repetitive strain injury.

Key aggravating factors

  • Posture is something that often changes gradually over time, prolonged time spent on a phone or a computer while in a slumped position can cause the neck and shoulders to drop forward.
  • Often many seats encourage us to sit with our knees above our hips in a “c” shape putting more pressure on the low back and pelvis as well as stiffening the hips.
  • Carrying a bag on one side regularly can impact the shoulders.
  • Feeling self-conscious about your height can mean you drop your shoulders.


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Chiropractic quick tips

Taking regular breaks to move and stretch when you are sedentary helps reduce postural slump, loosening muscles and reducing stiffness.

Sitting position is important – making sure that your hips are above your knees will reduce back pain when sitting for longer periods; this is good for desk jobs but also if you do a lot of driving. If your seat doesn’t adjust enough, you can sit on a cushion to change the height or angle of the seat.


Chiropractic can help!

We work on loosening the tight muscles and joints that are holding you in poor postures. We then rebalance the tensions between the muscles, this is a combination of hands on treatment and home exercises we will give you to help strengthen the joints and muscles. Part of our focus is on re-training you so that you are using your joints and muscles to maximum efficiency, this will aim to prevent you from slipping back into bad habits.