Neck pain

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Neck pain can involve localised pain of the joints and muscles, however there can also be referred pain. Referred pain is where some structures send pain into other locations; with neck pain this can be down the arms or to the shoulder blades.


Symptoms of neck pain can include:

  • Stiffness and soreness
  • Clicking and crunching on movement
  • Shoulder tension
  • Pain from the neck to the shoulder blades
  • Reduced range of movement

Key aggravating factors

Poor posture or awkward sitting positions are a big factor in developing neck problems, as well as lots of time on phones and tablets. Desk jobs where the desk and computer height isn’t customised for you are also a key factor. Awkward sleeping positions can also cause you to spasm through the neck and shoulders.


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Chiropractic quick tips

One pillow not two! One reasonably supportive pillow that keeps your head and neck in line with the rest of your spine will help you sleep comfortably.

Desk and chair set up that has your arms at 90 degrees to the desk and the top of the monitor at eyebrow height.

Working from home on a laptop is much easier if you have a laptop stand so that you don’t spend one or more days a week hunched over a laptop on your coffee table, the same goes for people who travel for work. Portable laptop stands are a good investment to prevent neck pain.


Chiropractic can help!

You do not go to sleep one day and wake up with diabolical posture and slumped shoulders the next. Postural changes happen gradually over a long period of time, treatment focuses on improving the posture and therefore the forces acting on the neck, as well as strengthening the muscles and achieving full movement in the joints. We also focus on retraining you- this involves coaching ways of moving, carrying, sitting and sleeping that become subconscious. If you keep doing the same things that caused the problem, you keep repeating the same outcome- a neck problem.