Dehydration can put you at greater risk or spraining or straining. A sprain is injury of a ligament and a strain is injury of a muscle. Sprains and strains have different categories depending on their severity. Severity can go from a minor injury with slight micro-trauma all the way to complete tearing.

The RICE protocol is effective in managing the acute sprain/strain.

-REST: rest from the activity

-ICE: Apply ice wrapped in kitchen roll or a tea towel for 15 minutes at a time multiple times a day

-COMPRESSION: A compression bandage will prevent additional swelling

-ELEVATION: Lifting the injured site above the heart will encourage good circulation and reduce swelling.

Rather than  experiencing a sprain/strain, prevention is easier! Hydration is key to this, drinking 1 pint of water 15 minutes before starting to exercise and 1 pint 15 minute after exercise, as well as sipping water every 20 minutes while exercising.

Dehydration is a common cause of cramp, continuing to exercise if you are cramping can lead to injury so it is important to take on plenty of fluids.

Hydration is key day to day, as well as when exercising, you might not be going to the gym, but lots of lifting and carrying movements either at work or at home still constitute a workout! It is common to sprain/strain when doing these day to day activities so if you make sure you are well hydrated all the time, this is one factor in reducing your risk of injury.