It is that time of year when we all want to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful weather and those of us who are more green-fingered start organising our gardens, weeding, lawn mowing and planting out. All these movements, particularly when not practised for several months, have the potential to irritate our lower backs. Here are some tips to keep loose and comfortable throughout the spring and summer:

Change tasks frequently: It is all too easy to get stuck into something and be determined to get it done, often doing the same movements for hours at a time. This is a fast route to repetitive strain injury. Whenever possible try to have multiple things on the go at the same time and swap between them every 30-40 minutes to give your body a break.

Stop and stretch: Reaching the arms above the head and stretching upwards can help when spending lots of time bent over digging boarders or weeding.

Love your load: when picking something up or reaching, try to get as close as possible to avoid overloading your lower back.